, ARCON, Trendsvile Media organizes Political Advertising Strategies training in Ilorin -

ARCON, Trendsvile Media organizes Political Advertising Strategies training in Ilorin

Today, A one-day seminar program was organized by the Advertising Regulatory Council Of Nigeria (ARCON) in collaboration with Trendsville Media, which was centralized on Political Advertising Strategies and Tactics at kwara Hotel.

The first session of the program was presented by Dr. Lanre Adisa CEO/CCO Noah’s Ark Group, when he was proclaiming to the audiences on establishment of Advertising in Nigeria at around year 1928. He watering the mind of attendees on ways and strategies to handle any advertisment in correlation to the Advertising Regulatory Council with no subjected to any act of illegality and misappropriation, through Marketing Communication and Nigeria’s Political Economy.

He put more emphasis on political advertising which has become our daily meal on communicating channel, in respect to promote and/or advertise a politician during the campaign period. However, it is top-notch to understand that “Brands are more than logos and slogans. A brand is a promise that must be kept everytime it’s consumer come in contact with it”.

In furtherance, “A good political brand must apply all the elements of the marketing mix to build a sustainable equity for itself just like we expect of other brands. Otherwise, it becomes too expensive to keep it going”. The bountiful explanation make the audiences to agree that A good brand is one that engages in constant and reassuring conversations with its audience via multiple channels and platforms. Dr. Lanre said.

The second session was Regulatory/Legal issues in political advertising by Barr. Charles Odenigbo, Director General, Centre for Media Law and Development.

The session conveyed the sanction on illegal advertising that should be based on certain year(s) with fines by the ARCON regulatory law, as a proper ways to abolish the illegality of political advertising.

He strengthen his enlightenment on political advertising which is tantamount to political campaign, by which the political parties and their candidates, members or supporters are upon the release to campaign in 90 days to the election. According to section 99 of INEC act.

This process could only pave ways for the media advertisment such as : posters, handbills, flyers, billboard and personal contact with voters within the 90 days to the election in accordance to the same law.

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