, At the burial, soldiers kill a visitor while siblings argue -

At the burial, soldiers kill a visitor while siblings argue

According to Newscrescent, a visitor named David Chinonso was killed at Owode, Ogombo Community in the Ibeju-Lekki neighborhood of Lagos State after some military personnel attacked the funeral of a deceased Mathew Ekpu.

The 15 uniformed soldiers reportedly arrived at the scene in an effort to prevent the body from being buried on the deceased’s property.

This sparked a fight, during which Chinonso was shot in the chest and one of the deceased’s sons, Victor, was struck in the head with an iron.

When contacted by our communication, the deceased’s children claimed that their brother, Richard, was responsible for organizing the attack on Saturday, November 19, 2022.

Victoria Abimbola, one of the kids, claimed Richard had plans to buy their father’s property and had that the dead be laid to rest in their Akwa Ibom State birthplace.

“My father had ten children, and before he passed away, he told us that Richard, his second son, had built him a house in our hamlet,” she recalled. When we first learned, we were delighted—until Richard explained to him that the house he had constructed was in return for my father’s home in Lagos.

The rest of us objected to the choice and told him that the house is the sole piece of real estate our father owns in Lagos and that it serves more as a family home to all of us. He then began to exert pressure on our father, who subsequently became ill and passed away on September 5.

“He (Richard) stopped us from burying our father in the house when he passed away. The day we removed the body from the mortuary for burial, he attempted to stop us with officers, but we restrained him.

Victor, a different family member, claimed he was assaulted while attempting to question the military personnel that disrupted the funeral.

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