, Biden invites Buhari, 48 other African leaders for US-Africa Leaders Summit -

Biden invites Buhari, 48 other African leaders for US-Africa Leaders Summit

President Biden has extended an invitation to visit Washington, D.C. to President Muhammadu Buhari, 48 other African heads of state, and the president of the African Union. for a three-day summit between American and African leaders that is slated for December 13–15.

a press release from the U.S The purpose of this historic summit, according to the S mission’s statement on Thursday, will be to develop and strengthen crucial political, economic, and strategic relationships as well as inter-personal discussion based on common goals and interests in Africa.

The summit’s agenda is jam-packed with items like improving space research and collaboration, expanding U.S.-African trade, responding to the climate disaster, bolstering democracy and human rights, delivering humanitarian aid, responding to the food crisis, and growing sustainable agricultural production. In order to solve these common difficulties, President Biden thinks that U.S. partnership with African leaders is crucial, as well as collaboration with leaders from civil society, business, diaspora, women, and youth.

America claims. The next conference offers possibilities to strengthen U.S.-Nigeria bilateral cooperation on numerous levels, according to ambassador to Nigeria Mary Beth Leonard.

We anticipate hearing from all parties with an interest in Nigeria’s bright future, including the independent voices of the private sector, civil society, young people, women, and all those working to establish a solid and inclusive democracy, in addition to the robust participation of the Nigerian government at the summit.

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