, Boosting Growth, Creating Jobs: Tinubu Administration Unveils Economic Agenda -

Boosting Growth, Creating Jobs: Tinubu Administration Unveils Economic Agenda

The Nigerian government is taking aim at economic growth and job creation with a multi-pronged approach outlined by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment. In a recent press briefing, Minister Doris Uzoka-Anite detailed key initiatives focused on trade, skills development, and fostering better outcomes for primary producers.

Recognizing the potential of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AFCFTA), the Ministry is actively supporting Nigeria’s accession. This move targets export diversification, wider market access, and attracting valuable foreign direct investment.

The government seeks to reform the commodity trading landscape to benefit farmers and miners. Upgrading the National Commodities Exchange (NCX), conducting outreach programs, and establishing a National Job Centre are part of this strategy.

Addressing skills gaps and reliance on foreign labor, the ambitious Skill-UP Artisans program (SUPA) aims to empower 10 million artisans with tech-enabled skills and industry certifications.

Minister Uzoka-Anite emphasized the Ministry’s commitment to innovative solutions and working across sectors to achieve its goals. This spirit of collaboration extended to the press briefing, attended by key figures from both the Information and Industry ministries.

Minister of Information and National Orientation, Mohammed Idris, who moderated the event, highlighted the importance of transparency and accountability. He stated, “We are here to build trust and ensure the people of Nigeria are informed. This platform allows you, the media, to directly engage with senior officials and hold us accountable.”

While the effectiveness of these initiatives remains to be seen, the Ministry’s focus on trade, skills development, and empowering primary producers represents a potential roadmap for economic growth and job creation. Continued transparency, collaboration, and effective implementation will be crucial in realizing this vision and bringing tangible benefits to Nigerians.

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