, Buhari Breaks Silence As Police Show The Identity Of Soldiers Who Reportedly Killed Sheikh Aisami -

Buhari Breaks Silence As Police Show The Identity Of Soldiers Who Reportedly Killed Sheikh Aisami


President Muhammadu Buhari has reacted to the heinous murder of an Islamic cleric by army officials in Yobe State.

previously reported that Sheikh Goni Aisami was murdered on Friday by suspected soldiers.

Since then, the state police command has moved quickly to arrest the officers involved in the act.

President Buhari, in a statement issued through his Senior Special Assistant on Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu, described the soldiers’ actions as barbaric.

According to Nigeria’s president, the soldiers’ actions have the potential to erode citizens’ trust and willingness to assist military personnel.

He stated that the perpetrator’s actions have no place in military training, and that their actions contradict the entire ethos of military life, which is based on discipline and the sanctity of innocent lives.

“As Commander-in-Chief, I am personally outraged by this criminal and wicked act committed by a law enforcement official trained to protect life,” he said.“By virtue of our training, we are guided by a code of conduct that frowns on such reckless and criminal behavior.” It is not in our nature or training to put innocent citizens in danger. Of course, this soldier’s behavior is an isolated incident involving an individual, but it has the potential to tarnish our military’s collective image.”

“This incident has the potential to make our fellow citizens fearful of assisting soldiers, thereby destroying the trust bond between our military and civilians.”

Buhari urged military authorities to swiftly punish the perpetrators of the heinous crime, who are now in police custody.According to Shehu, the President expressed condolences to the Yobe State Government, the people of the state, and the family of the victim of this tragedy.

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