, Buhari will sign 2023 budget into bill on January 3,2023 - Senate President -

Buhari will sign 2023 budget into bill on January 3,2023 – Senate President

President of the Senate Ahmed Lawan intimated on Friday that, barring any unforeseen developments, President Muhammadu Buhari will sign the 2023 appropriation Bill on Tuesday, January 3, 2023.

He told State House reporters this following a private conversation with Mr. Buhari at the Presidential Villa in Abuja.

Mr. Lawan disclosed that he spoke with Buhari about a number of national issues, such as the president’s recent request for a larger loan, the legislature’s support for the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) in advance of the general elections, and the 2023 Appropriations Bill.

“Mr. President and his team, on the executive side, will work on what we have done,” he asserted. “The NASS in both chambers passed the Appropriation Bill 2023 on Wednesday.

And I think the Appropriation Bill 2023 will be signed by the President first thing on Tuesday, the first day of the year that is officially a working day.

If not for errors found in the draft, Mr. Lawan lamented, the NASS would have passed the bill a week earlier.

“We are quite happy that over the previous four years, we have been able to ensure that the appropriation bills pass in record time before every Christmas, and Mr. President has always signed them before the year ends.

“We had to delay a little bit this year, namely, due to the abnormal, highly unfavorable, and unpleasant situation.

You may recall that the NASS had to shorten its holiday break in order to reconvene on Wednesday in order to pass the appropriation measure, which we could have done a week earlier. All things considered, we didn’t miss anything, he continued.

He claims that the smooth cooperation between the administration and the legislative has made the signing of appropriation legislation more routine starting in 2018 and has given rise to a “predictable January to December” budget for our nation.

Regarding the general elections in 2023, Mr. Lawan promised that NASS would keep helping and supporting INEC so that it could hold credible elections.

The general elections in 2023 were also covered. The present NASS has consistently backed the executive branch in ensuring that INEC receives everything required for it to function and that INEC is never short on resources.

Therefore, we have vowed to make sure INEC has everything it needs to conduct highly free, transparent, and credible general elections in 2023.

We are available at all times between now and June 11 when our tenure as the NASS legislature will also come to an end.

But before that, “we would definitely and categorically provide such support,” he declared, “whatever INEC needs for 2023 to be a success.”

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