, Combating Drug Abuse: MOK Foundation Launches Comprehensive Campaign in Offa and Oyun Secondary Schools -

Combating Drug Abuse: MOK Foundation Launches Comprehensive Campaign in Offa and Oyun Secondary Schools

Secondary schools in Offa and Oyun LGAs are set to benefit from a comprehensive drug abuse awareness campaign launched by the MOK Foundation. Titled “SUBSTANCE ABUSE AND CRIME PREVENTION AMONG SECONDARY SCHOOL STUDENTS,” the initiative aims to educate teenagers about the dangers of drugs, promote healthy alternatives, and create a support network for those facing addiction.

The campaign’s urgency stems from alarming statistics. Studies reveal that “people between the ages of 12-20 consume more than 1/10 of all alcohol consumed in Nigeria,” with secondary school students leading the charge. Recognizing the vulnerability of this age group to peer pressure, academic stress, and social media influences, the MOK Foundation aims to equip students with the knowledge and skills to resist drug use and build positive relationships.

Engaging Strategies for a Drug-Free Future:

Interactive Presentations: Experts and former drug users will share their experiences through impactful sessions, highlighting the real-life consequences of drug abuse in a way that resonates with students.
Educational Arsenal: Informative brochures, posters, and online resources will be distributed to students, providing a constant source of knowledge and support.
Safe Space for Questions and Support: Trained counselors will be available for confidential one-on-one sessions, offering an outlet for students struggling with drug use or related issues.

Peer Power: Trained student ambassadors will act as role models. By sharing their own positive experiences and encouraging healthy choices, they can create a powerful peer-to-peer support system.
Empowering Educators: Teachers will be equipped with resources and training to identify early warning signs of drug use in students and provide appropriate support within the school environment.
Parental Involvement is Key: Workshops and resources will be offered to parents, empowering them to have open conversations with their children about drug use and provide guidance to prevent its onset.
More than Awareness, Building a Support Network

The “SUBSTANCE ABUSE AND CRIME PREVENTION AMONG SECONDARY SCHOOL STUDENTS” campaign goes beyond raising awareness. It seeks to create a comprehensive and sustainable support network for students, teachers, and parents.

Goals and Vision:

Equip students with the knowledge and skills to resist drug use.
Promote healthy lifestyle choices and positive alternatives.
Offer resources and counseling services to support students struggling with addiction.
Engage parents and teachers in building a strong support system.
Foster a drug-free environment that empowers young people to make informed decisions and build healthy relationships.
By launching this comprehensive campaign, the MOK Foundation aspires to shape a brighter future for the youth of Offa and Oyun LGAs. This initiative is a call to action, urging everyone to join hands in creating a drug-free tomorrow where young people can thrive. Let’s work together to empower our youth and build a healthier community for all.

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