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Elections: EU mission to deploy 100 observers in Nigeria

For the upcoming elections in Nigeria, the European Union Election Observation Mission (EU-EOM) has announced that 100 observers will be sent there.

The EU-head EOM’s observer, Barry Andrews, stated on Monday at a media conference in Abuja that the 100 observers will be dispersed throughout the 36 states and the federal capital territory (FCT).

According to Andrews, the team of 11 specialists from various professions was sent out on January 29 to watch the electoral processes in several states.

On February 25 and March 11, there will be a total of about 100 observers present to watch the voting, tabulation, and counting processes, according to Andrews.

“The EU EOM will release a first report two days after each election day and will stay in Nigeria until the end of the entire electoral process, including any potential second-round presidential elections as well as the appeals and complaints processes.

“Any attempt by us to politically influence the ongoing election discourse would be wholly in violation of all the tenets of our methodology. That is most definitely a subject for Nigerian citizens and political parties.

It is our responsibility to evaluate how reliable the election process is, to ensure that it is as inclusive as feasible, and to ensure that all technologies are as transparent as possible.

We won’t say anything that might be interpreted as political interference in any way. And for a very long time, that has been the methodology in use.

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