, ENACT Hails Gov AbdulRazaq for N10bn Infrastructural Projects Target in Kwara South -

ENACT Hails Gov AbdulRazaq for N10bn Infrastructural Projects Target in Kwara South

Kwara South Senatorial District erupted in praise for Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq following the announcement of a N10 billion investment in infrastructure projects across the region. Engr. Nurudeen Balogun, a prominent member of the All Progressives Congress (APC), hailed the move as a breath of fresh air and a testament to the Governor’s commitment to equity and development.

Balogun, fondly known as ENACT, highlighted the historical neglect of Kwara South in infrastructure development. He emphasized that improved road networks are crucial for boosting the movement of goods and services, fostering economic growth, and unlocking the industrial potential of local communities.

Impressed by the Governor’s strategic approach to resource allocation, Balogun commended AbdulRazaq’s focus on maximizing returns on investments. He lauded the Governor’s data-driven decision-making, ensuring infrastructure projects are based on merit rather than favoritism. This approach, according to Balogun, creates a level playing field for all regions within the state.

The announcement brings immense relief to Kwara South residents who have long witnessed the region’s marginalization. Balogun noted the Governor’s positive impact extends beyond infrastructure. Educational institutions like the College of Education, Oro, and the School of Nursing, Oke Ode, have benefited from timely interventions, including clearing salary backlogs and settling accreditation fees inherited from previous administrations.

The proposed industrial hub in Kwara South is another exciting prospect. Balogun believes this project will be a game-changer, attracting businesses and creating jobs. Additionally, the Governor’s focus on tourism potential is exemplified by the planned development of Owu Falls, a site with the potential to significantly boost the service sector.

Investments in infrastructure extend beyond economic benefits. Increased accessibility to Esie Museum, thanks to the recently upgraded Museum Road, has led to a surge in visitor numbers. Governor AbdulRazaq’s empathy for the people has also been evident. He was among the first responders to the Owode market fire in Offa, providing financial assistance to those affected. Similarly, the rehabilitation of the General Hospital in Oro demonstrates the administration’s commitment to healthcare improvement.

Balogun concluded by expressing his deepest gratitude on behalf of Kwara South residents. He lauded the Governor’s multifaceted approach, encompassing infrastructure development, human capital development initiatives, and support for students. With ongoing construction projects transforming the landscape and social programs mitigating economic hardship, Kwara South is experiencing a much-needed period of progress.

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