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Fans Angry Over Wizkid’s Absence At Concert In Accra

Wizkid’s absence from an Accra concert has angered some of the singer’s Ghanaian supporters.

Wizkid tweeted, “Accra Sports Stadium tonight,” to announce his attendance at the event that was scheduled to take place at the Accra Sports Stadium on Saturday.

He did not, however, show up. The artist has come under fire from Ghanaians on Twitter for the hours they wasted waiting for him only to have him not show up.

People leaving at 04:03am after waiting 12 hours for #wizkidayo, tweeted Nneka, expressing her dissatisfaction. I’m very sorry. It makes me sad that it’s happening in another nation. taking place in Ghana. a nation that you call home. The pinnacle of one’s hubris.

Big Joe, a different tweep, remarked, “Oh oboy weezy you’ve ‘hushpappied’ my people. We won’t accept any explanations unless you first purchase this set for every concertgoer. You tweeted about the location, giving the impression that you would be there.

What do you know? It ends there. I’ve given you numerous opportunities, but it doesn’t seem like you’re going to improve your music. Your favorite 305 fan is now no longer with you. I just removed you from my cassette tapes, Spotify, Soundcloud, and MP3 files. Hope this brings you joy,” tweeted WaleedFCB.

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