, Governor Abdulrazaq's unflinching Compassion for Civil Servants -

Governor Abdulrazaq’s unflinching Compassion for Civil Servants


The Kwara State Governor at the weekend no doubt, overwhelmed many Civil Servants in the State by the magnificent role he played towards effort at savouring the life of the late Permanent Secretary, Hajia Bola Alaya.

The Governor on receiving the information on the urgent need to fly the permanent Secretary to Abuja for better medical attention, immediately secured the service of an airbus for this purpose without much- a-do including bearing the medical expenses.

Although she unfortunately gave up the ghost, this act of Abdulrahman further attest to his unflinching passion and commitment to the welfare of the State Civil Servants and to re assure the workers that they have in the Governor, somebody they can always rely on at the time of need.

The implication of this, perhaps is that it will further boost the morale of the civil servants to put in their best at ensuring proficient service delivery.

Aside the humanitarian assistance, the Governor has taken significant steps to ease the burden of rendering efficient service by the workers.

Computers sets and its accessories have been purchased and distributed to the various ministries, Departments and Agencies for administrative usage. Thus, putting an end to the odd practice of civil servants having to visit private business centres to type official documents.

Hitherto, it has been an Herculean task for government workers to source transportation for official trip due to non availability of official vehicles.This has now been taken care of with the purchase of brand new fleet of vehicles by the Abdulrahman administration to serve this purpose.

In addition and most importantly, the Governor has not only ensured the regular payment of workers monthly salaries as and when due, he has equally commensed the payment of new minimum wage and the consequential adjustment across board.

All these, with many others are indicators that the Governor treat the welfare of the State workers with high esteem.

It is said that to whom much is given, much is expected. It therefore behove the State Civil Servants to reciprocate the gesture by putting more efforts in the performance of their respective duties to appreciate the Governor and also encourage him to do more for the service. Reported by the CPS, OHOS, Muritala Atoyebi.

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