, I Was Tied Like A Goat, For Good 10hours I Don't Know Where I Was -Journalist Bashiru -

I Was Tied Like A Goat, For Good 10hours I Don’t Know Where I Was -Journalist Bashiru

A young man identified as Bashiru Hammed who was released five months after his arrest has disclosed how he was arrested and maltreated for publishing a story about the governor of Ogun State, Dapo Abiodun.

In an exclusive interview with Punch newspapers, Bashiru Hammed said, on that day, I was tied down like a goat for good 10 hours, I don’t know where I was and what I did until they mentioned the particular story he republished on his blog, there was a story I wrote on April 27.

Bashiru said that the story he wrote on his blog was about Dapo Abiodun, and the story was about how Dapo Abiodun was arrested and convicted in Miami in 1986. He added the story on his blog, and he wasn’t the original writer of the story.

He said that two days after he published the story, he was at Abeokuta with his friends at a hotel, when someone called him outside, he stepped out of the hotel and saw about 15 DSS waiting for him, they told him he was under arrest, he asked them for what, but before he could say anything, he was blind folded him, handcuffed him and took him away.

When they got to their office, they said they needed to interrogate him, yet they didn’t remove his handcuff or untie him, but he was asked so many questions on who bankrolled him to spoil the name of the state Governor, and it was strange to him because he doesn’t know what he did until they mentioned the story he republished on his blog.

Bashiru Hammed disclosed that he told them that he had nothing against the state government or the governor, he was only doing his job, but those people started mentioning that he was given 10 million Naira to spoil the name of the state government.

He told them there was nothing like that, then he was told to bail himself, they collected 100 thousand naira from him and he was released, a week after he took to his WhatsApp status and wrote again his ordeal with the government over last weekend that he met himself in the Lions den for 10 hours, he knew he was silence, but maybe one day, he would be able to say whatsoever he saw there on that day, then concluded it with thank God for Femi Fani Chambers that opened his eyes when it comes to journalism.

He revealed that a few hours later, after he was done posting it, someone called him and told him to pull down what he wrote on his status, this is after he was done pulling down the one he wrote about Dapo Abiodun.

He said after he was done pulling it down,they said they would love to see him again, so he went as a law abiding citizen, but he doesn’t know they want to arrest him, he got there and was arrested spent 11 days, his lawyer came and they didn’t give him the chance to see him, so the lawyer said see you in court, then they rushed to file their case to court before his lawyer Festus Ogun could do so.

He added that he was asked to bring 5 million Naira but couldn’t afford it, he is the bread winner of his family and he had just a year old baby, at a time he was depressed, sick and admitted at the hospital, had to start begging the governor, some people also helped him beg the governor to forgive him then he later forgave him, the case was stroke out and he was released in September after five months.

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