, I'll expose you if you don't halt your campaign and apologize to Nigerians. BAT to Atiku -

I’ll expose you if you don’t halt your campaign and apologize to Nigerians. BAT to Atiku

Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the candidate of the All Progressive Congress, is urged to stop campaigning and offer an apology to Nigerians before the general election of 2023, according to the presidential candidate of the People’s Democratic Party, Atiku Abubakar. Otherwise, he will reveal his evil deeds to the nation.

He continued, “Everyone knows that the APC has done nothing for this country other than suffer, therefore you must stop now or I will tell everyone what your ambitions are to become president.” He continued, “The years of the PDP in office are far better than the years of the APC.” Even though the PDP isn’t the best, he claimed, “we are better than the years the APC controlled us.”

He warned BAT that if they continue their campaign and don’t apologise to Nigeria for misleading them, he would reveal them. Everyone agrees that the PDP’s rule over Nigeria was preferable to that of the APC. “We know the PDP are not the best, but the suffering was not like this when the PDP was in power,” he said.

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