, Ilorin Courts Crack Down on Cybercriminals: Six Jailed for "Yahoo Yahoo" -

Ilorin Courts Crack Down on Cybercriminals: Six Jailed for “Yahoo Yahoo”

In a major crackdown on cybercrime, the Ilorin Zonal Command of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) secured the conviction of six individuals for offenses related to internet fraud, commonly known as “yahoo yahoo.” The convictions bring the total number of arrests made by the EFCC in a February sting operation to 24.

The six defendants, Aransiola Oluwaseun Stephen, Owoeye Adeyanju Ezekiel, Idris Yekini Kayode, Abdulrahmon Abubakar, Rafiu Ashimiu Adisa, and Raheem Ayomide Monsur, faced charges before both the Federal High Court and the Kwara State High Court in Ilorin.

The charges centered on impersonation and online fraud. For instance, Aransiola allegedly posed as “Cindy Watson,” a white woman from the United States, to deceive a victim named Randy Driskill into sending $350 via gift cards. Similarly, Owoeye allegedly used the Instagram alias “sara_lyn120” to impersonate “Sara Beauty” and swindle Taylor Johnson out of $80 through gift cards.

All six defendants pleaded guilty to the charges against them. The EFCC counsels presented evidence, including witness statements and items seized during the arrests, such as phones and laptops.

Taking these factors into account, the presiding judges found the defendants guilty. Each received a jail sentence and an order for the forfeiture of their criminal instruments – phones and laptops – and any restitution money offered. These forfeited items will become property of the Federal Government.

This operation by the EFCC highlights their ongoing efforts to combat cybercrime in Nigeria. The large number of arrests, including students from Kwara State University, underscores the prevalence of “yahoo yahoo” and the determination of the authorities to bring perpetrators to justice. The sentences and asset forfeitures serve as a deterrent to others considering such criminal activity.

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