, Insecurity: Do not panic – Wike tells Abuja residents -

Insecurity: Do not panic – Wike tells Abuja residents

Nyesom Wike, the minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), says the administration of the FCT is acting to resolve security issues that some areas of the territory are experiencing.

The promise was provided by Wike to media on Tuesday in Abuja before to a meeting behind closed doors with security agencies and other important stakeholders in the Federal Capital Territory.

Bandits have started kidnapping and killing locals more frequently, particularly in the Kuje and Bwari Area Councils.

The minister, who was aware of the difficulties, advised the people not to worry because the government was taking action to resolve the unpleasant circumstance.

“We are all aware of the security situation in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), especially in Bwari and few other locations where we have observed security issues.

Yes, I am aware that the media occasionally exaggerates events, but we all have a responsibility to ensure FCT’s safety because we are all concerned.

We promise that we will exert every effort and reassure our Nigerian residents that they shouldn’t be alarmed. We are doing everything we can to ensure that the problems are fixed,” he declared.

The conference, the minister added, aimed to evaluate the security threats facing the Federal Capital Territory and devise workable solutions.

He stated that because the chairmen of the six area councils are also accountable for maintaining peace and security in their respective regions, the meeting was extended to include them.

We’re not sleeping, and neither are the security services. We’ll pool our resources to find solutions, and we’ll give the locals all the help they need to feel less afraid,” he declared.

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