, Kwara Central Senator, Mustapha felicitates Christians at Easter -

Kwara Central Senator, Mustapha felicitates Christians at Easter

Senator Saliu Mustapha, representing Kwara Central has conveyed his warm greetings to Christians in his constituency and the state as they join fellow believers around the globe in commemorating the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

In his message, Senator Mustapha emphasized that Easter serves as a beacon of hope while reaffirming faith in the nation’s capacity to surmount present challenges and anticipate brighter prospects ahead.

He said: “Coming at a time that Muslims faithful are also embarking on the Ramadan fast, this time should be seen as one that all of us must come together to pray for peace and also imbibe it.

“We must also not relent in efforts at promoting tolerance and peaceful coexistence amongst the populace, especially at a time the government is doing all it can to stem the tide of insecurity in some parts of the country.”

Senator Mustapha commended Christians for their observance of the Lenten period and encouraged them to contemplate the profound significance of the season.

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