, Kwara (NNPP) Governorship candidate has pledged to support youth development and sports when elected as governor in 2023 -

Kwara (NNPP) Governorship candidate has pledged to support youth development and sports when elected as governor in 2023

Prof. Shuaib Oba AbdulRaheem, the New Nigeria Peoples Party’s (NNPP) governorship candidate in Kwara State, has pledged to support youth development and sports when elected governor in 2023.

This information was provided on Monday during a segment of Media Parley hosted by the Association of Kwara Online Media Practitioners (ASKOMP).

He claimed that because I am a sports fan, our administration would make Kwara State a new destination for athletic events. To keep up with international standards, Kwara must give sports the attention they deserve.

In the event that he is elected governor of Kwara, the former director of sports at Ahmadu Bello University has pledged to take all necessary measures to guarantee that the state’s sports receive the attention they require.

In his own words, “Youth are the wealth of tomorrow, and they also have the potential to create that riches today. Development of youth and human capital will take priority throughout my administration.

“We’re going to take use of the ICT of the twenty-first century to generate work chances for our kids that will make them self-sufficient, self-supporting, and even employers of labor, which, in turn, provide more opportunities for thousands more Kwarans,” he added.

The idea that Kwara is a civil service state is untrue, according to Prof. AbdulRaheem, because a civil service state cannot handle the rate at which the economic situation is deteriorating day by day. Kwara State has a great deal of promise and prosperity, therefore we’re going to invest extensively in the youth by providing them with quality ICT education and professional training programs that will help them flourish on their own in the world.

The NNPP governor candidate expressed his displeasure with the performance of the Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq led administration, claiming that the administration had underperformed based on his assessment. He added that Kwaran would be in the best position to assess the administration following the general election in 2023.

He added that if people like AbdulRazaq are succeeding in administration, he won’t have a choice but to watch. “Because of how radically poorly and far below expectations they have performed, I have come out to actively participate in politics.
If we are elected governor, our administration will prioritize building infrastructure, generating wealth, and maximizing the use of our natural resources to boost revenue.” Added he

The former vice chancellor of UNILORIN claims that Kwara has what it takes to become the nation’s food basket as well. Through our plan for an agricultural revolution and industrialization, we’ll make sure that Kwara develops into a state that is sustainable for industrial farming.

Speaking about the relationship between the executive and the legislature, Prof. Oba vowed to work with members of the Kwara State House of Assembly regardless of their political views, noting that the key goal should be to serve Kwarans rather than to rile up anyone.

Prior to the general election, the former chairman of the Federal Character Commission took advantage of the chance to put an end to the rumors of potential party mergers.

“There is no strategy in existence to merge my party with anyone or any other party. We won’t betray the Kwarans’ faith in us to pursue our own interests. We’re sure we’ll triumph in 2023.

He continued by saying that under his leadership, his development plan and strategy will fully encompass all three senatorial districts, and no region would be left out alone to another’s detriment.

Prof. Oba also used the platform to call on the youth, who make up the majority of Nigeria’s electorate, to take action and safeguard their future by choosing leaders who will represent their interests. He also urged all Kwarans to cast their votes responsibly in the general election of 2023. Voting for myself and all NNPP candidates is a vote for the best candidates, as we are upright individuals with extensive expertise of effective leadership, he continued.

Salihu Shola Taofeeq, the chairman of the Association of Kwara Online Media Practitioners (ASKOMP), congratulated the NNPP candidate for governor for hosting the platform and assured him that the group will continue to support him and will keep upholding the standards of proper news reporting for journalists.

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