, Medics refusing to leave northern Gaza – Reports -

Medics refusing to leave northern Gaza – Reports

Nebal Farsakh, a spokesman for the Palestinian Red Crescent in Gaza City, stated that it is impossible to securely relocate a million people from northern Gaza in a single day.

“What will happen to our patients?” Farsakh said. We have old people, injured people, and hospitalized youngsters.

Several medical professionals, she continued, were unwilling to leave hospitals and patients behind.

“People have nowhere to go,” she stated in an interview with the BBC. That’s the main idea. It is simply astonishing to hear bombardment all around and be told to evacuate to a different location while roads and infrastructure are being severely damaged and travel is restricted.

A legislator from Egypt, however, asserts that Israel is attempting to compel Palestinians to relocate from Gaza to Egypt by this action.

“The Palestinian cause will be entirely eradicated in this way.

Mustafa Bakri, an MP, states on X, formerly Twitter, “The Palestinians will not abandon their land and will remain steadfast, no matter the sacrifices it costs them. Egypt will never agree to participate in this plan.”

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