, Military Warns Against Inciting Tension as Peace Efforts Mount in Plateau State -

Military Warns Against Inciting Tension as Peace Efforts Mount in Plateau State

The Nigerian Defense Headquarters (DHQ) has issued a strong warning to any groups attempting to exacerbate tensions in Plateau State. This comes amidst ongoing military efforts to restore peace and normalcy in the region, which has been plagued by violence and unrest.

Acting Director of Defence Information Brigadier General Tukur Gusau issued a statement on Monday addressing concerns raised by a group over the formation of a Fact-Finding Team. This team, led by a retired senior military officer, was established by Chief of Defense Staff General Christopher Musa to gather information and propose practical solutions to the crisis in Plateau and other affected areas.

Gusau clarified that the Fact-Finding Team is part of a comprehensive approach employed by the DHQ to tackle the situation. Its mandate extends beyond Plateau State, encompassing other troubled areas nationwide.

The DHQ’s response comes in the wake of significant military deployments to Plateau. Highly trained intelligence personnel and Special Forces have been mobilized to the region with the explicit objective of apprehending those responsible for the heinous attacks. Additionally, the Chief of Army Staff, Lieutenant General Taoreed Lagbaja, visited the state on January 27th and issued clear orders to troops to decisively confront individuals instigating violence and causing loss of life and property.

Gusau emphasized that numerous intelligence-driven operations have already yielded results, leading to the arrest of key suspects currently undergoing interrogation. He stressed that the Fact-Finding Team represents a non-kinetic component of the DHQ’s strategy, aiming to complement the security actions with a nuanced understanding of the complex factors contributing to the crisis.

The stern warning issued by the DHQ underscores their commitment to maintaining order and restoring peace in Plateau State. Their multi-pronged approach, combining military operations with non-kinetic initiatives, demonstrates a comprehensive understanding of the situation and a determination to address it effectively.

However, the DHQ’s statement highlights the ongoing challenge of balancing security measures with fostering dialogue and understanding. The concerns raised by certain groups underscore the delicate nature of the situation and the need for open communication and transparency throughout the peacebuilding process.

Ultimately, addressing the crisis in Plateau State requires a collaborative effort involving military action, dialogue with stakeholders, and addressing the root causes of the conflict. The DHQ’s intervention offers a promising step in this direction, but continued vigilance and engagement with all parties involved are crucial for achieving lasting peace.

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