, Ministerial List: El-Rufai allegedly withdraws nomination -

Ministerial List: El-Rufai allegedly withdraws nomination

According to Premium Times, Nasir El-Rufai, the former governor of Kaduna State, has withdrawn his name from consideration to be a minister in President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s administration.

The former governor also suggested a substitute to act as a minister.

El-Rufai reportedly notified President Tinubu that he would no longer consider his candidacy as a minister in the administration, according to a source from the president cited by the online publication.

According to reports, El-Rufai gave Tinubu the assurance that he would keep making his individual contribution to national development.

According to the article, El-Rufai has proposed Jafaru Ibrahim Sani as a replacement. Sani previously served as commissioner for three ministries in Kaduna State: local government, education, and the environment.

The Senate’s confirmation of El-Rufai and two other ministry nominees was postponed because to security concerns, according to Newscrescent media.

The Senate forwarded the President 45 confirmed candidates.

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