, My second tenure promises to be all inclusive, OYDA elected Chairman Tunde Soliu Mohamed Delivered his inaugural speech -

My second tenure promises to be all inclusive, OYDA elected Chairman Tunde Soliu Mohamed Delivered his inaugural speech

Ojagboro youth development association inaugurated newly executive today at Burhanudeen LGEA school Isalekoko ojagboro Ilorin, newly and re-elected chairman Mallam Soliu Mohammed deliver his inaugural speech to the entire youth of Ojagboro youth community.

Here is the Chairman’s speech in detail…

A’ūzubillāhi mina shaytāni-r-Rajeem


Glory be Almighty Allah, the Lord of the worlds. May His peace and blessings be upon the Noble Prophet Muhammad, his companions and those who follow his path till the Day of Judgment.

In the commemoration of inauguration ceremony of the newly elected members of executive, and the second of such in my chairmanship role for OYDA, today dated 19th, November, 2023, I hereby stand before you to give my inaugural speech for the take-off of my new administration.

I want to use this opportunity to appreciate everyone that voted for me and made this dream a reality. The reality of being the first “2-time Chairman” of OYDA. May Allah bless you at all times.

As boldly stated in my Manifesto, my first tenure was all about consolidation of the commendable efforts of the previous administrations, my second tenure which takes-off today will be all about reformation of OYDA and the community at large.

This tenure promises to be an all-inclusive administration, as I set to carry everyone along and leave no one behind. I will ensure that my fellow executive members discharge their duties diligently under my flexible supervision. And our honourable members of the association, who are stakeholders in this administration, will be accorded their deserving respect by allowing their voices to be heard loud and clear.

To give you the glimpse of what the reformation agenda of this administration will look like, the following committees will be commissioned to ensure the birth, growth and improvement of the reformation:

1. Ojagboro Intelligence Task Force
2. Ojagboro Internal Revenue Service
3. Education and Vocational Skills
4. OYDA Sports Management
5. OYDA Welfare Services
6. OYDA Projects Management

In Shā Allāh, the details of these committees will be properly communicated when we roll out the “Work Plan” of the administration.

Thank you all for your time and continued support to the progress of our administration and the development of our dear association. I pray Almighty Allah strengthens us and grant us the grace to carryout the said plan.

God bless you all.

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