, N. Korea's Kim discloses a daughter in a suggestion to prolong family reign -

N. Korea’s Kim discloses a daughter in a suggestion to prolong family reign

According to South Korea’s spy service, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un likely presented his young daughter at recent public events in an effort to demonstrate to his people that one of his children will eventually take over the presidency, marking the third time a member of the Kim family has held that position in Pyongyang.

In the recent months, Kim was seen accompanying his daughter to three occasions: a visit of a missile storage facility, a picture opportunity with North Korean weapons scientists, and a ballistic missile launch site.

The girl was referred to as Kim’s “most treasured kid” by North Korea’s state news media, which sparked speculation outside of North Korea about whether Kim was preparing her to be his heir apparent even though she is only nine or ten years old.

The National Intelligence Service (NIS) of South Korea expressed its belief that Kim is using the public appearance of his daughter to demonstrate to the North Korean people his determination to hold another round of hereditary power transitions within his family. One of the lawmakers present at the exclusive NIS briefing, Yoo Sang-bum, informed reporters.

The NIS clarified that Ju Ae’s public appearance with her father—the first for any of Kim’s children—did not imply that she will succeed her father, Yoo continued.

According to South Korean media, Kim is the mother of three children, who were born in 2010, 2013, and 2017. The first child is a son, while the third is a daughter.

The NIS previously estimated the girl to be about 10 years old and that she is Kim’s second kid, Ju Ae, following her initial public appearance in November.

In response to a standoff with the United States, the agency stated at the time that her unveiling at the missile launch site seemed to represent Kim’s aspirations to pledge to safeguard the security of North Korea’s future generations.

The third generation of his family to control North Korea since its founding in 1948 is Kim Jong Un, who turns 39 on Sunday. After his father Kim Jong Il passed away in December 2011, he took over as leader. When Kim Il Sung, the state’s founder, passed away in 1994, Kim Jong Il assumed control.

Once considered a prospective succession to the North Korean dynastic leadership, Kim Jong Nam, Kim Jong Il’s eldest son and half-brother, fell from favor in 2001 when he was discovered attempting to enter Japan on a phony passport in order to visit Tokyo Disneyland.

Two Asian ladies applied the deadly nerve chemical VX to the face of Kim Jong Nam, which resulted in his death at a Malaysian airport in 2017. The government of Kim Jong Un was charged with being behind the strike by South Korea’s spy agency.

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