, Niger Republic will defend me after I leave Aso Rock – Buhari -

Niger Republic will defend me after I leave Aso Rock – Buhari

The neighboring Niger Republic, according to President Muhammadu Buhari, would stand up for him after he leaves office.

On Monday, May 29, Buhari is scheduled to transfer over control of the Aso Presidential Villa to Bola Tinubu, the president-elect.

He now extols the virtues of his amicable relationship with the Niger Republic.

He claims that Niger will stand up for him if Nigerians make it difficult to remain there after the handover ceremony.

This was said by Buhari on Tuesday during the opening of the corporate headquarters for the Nigeria Customs Service in Abuja.

Additionally, he reiterated his intention to move to his rural residence in Daura, which is far from Abuja but nearer to the Niger Republic.

Due to the fact that I only have six days left, I briefly discussed my personal beliefs.

“And I make an effort to schedule my travel to be as far from Abuja as feasible. I am from a very remote region of Abuja.

I asserted that I get along well with my neighbors and will use force only if necessary. The Niger people will protect me. Buhari

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