, Nigerian Senate Advances Bill to Boost Judicial Salaries -

Nigerian Senate Advances Bill to Boost Judicial Salaries

The Nigerian Senate took a significant step towards improving judicial welfare by passing a bill proposing an increase in salaries, allowances, and other benefits for judges. Sponsored by the Senate Majority Leader, the bill aims to enhance judicial morale and potentially reduce corruption.

Senators praised the initiative, highlighting the unique challenges faced by judges who are often unable to openly advocate for improved wages due to the nature of their profession. The Deputy Senate President commended President Tinubu for submitting the bill, expressing hope that it will provide judges with fair compensation.

Following a successful second reading, the bill now goes to the Senate Committee on Judiciary and Legal Matters for further review. They will report their findings within four weeks to the full Senate for a final vote. If passed, this legislation could significantly impact the Nigerian judiciary.

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