, NNPP senatorial candidate: How blurred party logo denied me victory -

NNPP senatorial candidate: How blurred party logo denied me victory

The New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP) candidate for Anambra Central, Helen Mbakwe, claimed that the party’s hazy logo on the ballot sheets was the reason she lost the election.

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) announced Victor Umeh of the Labour Party (LP) as the victor of the senate election that took place on February 25 earlier this week.

The state’s returning officer, Chuka Enuka, said that Umeh received 103,608 votes to overcome the opposition.

Mbakwe, who did not place in the top five, claimed in a news conference on Friday that the NNPP’s emblem was “practically non-existent” on the voting papers, which prevented her from winning.

The difficulties voters and potential voters for me faced in recognizing my party’s insignia were too great, she claimed.

“Our logo on the voting papers was hazy or nearly nonexistent, misleading my voters.

“We all know the specifics of the NNPP logo, which is a “Basket of Fruits,” and the Party’s name, NNPP, but INEC didn’t include anything on the ballot paper that resembled a basket of fruits or the term NNPP.

Several of my followers were confused by the NNPP logo on INEC’s ballot paper and chose to support LP and YPP instead.

She further claimed that INEC had denied voting rights to residents of her home district by delivering voting supplies to their polling places after schedule.

The NNPP candidate also stated that she would be appealing the decision and reclaiming her mandate in court.

Many early voters who had come out to vote for me were now disenfranchised as a result of this, Mbakwe claimed.

“I am still willing to serve my people because I believe strongly in the ideals of the rule of law, equity, equality, fairness and justice.

“My eagerness to help fix my nation is still alive and burning, and my patriotism remains unwavering.

“I am speaking with my attorneys about my plans to request the revocation of the senate election results because, despite my strong campaigning, I was completely excluded from the voting procedures.

“I implore our people, NNPP supporters, and Nigerians to maintain calm as our great party’s leaders plot a way for us in light of the blunders committed against us by INEC,” said the speaker.

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