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NYSC Set for Restructuring, Entrepreneurial Focus

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) is undergoing a significant transformation, with the Federal Government aiming to modernize the program and equip graduates with valuable skills for the future. This was announced by Dr. Jamila Ibrahim, Minister of Youth Development, during a strategic meeting with leaders from corps-producing institutions across Nigeria.

Dr. Ibrahim outlined a two-pronged approach. Firstly, a dedicated team will conduct a thorough review and implement reforms to the NYSC program. A core focus of this initial phase will be fostering an entrepreneurial spirit among participants. Skill development will be integrated into the program’s heart, aiming to empower graduates with the tools they need to succeed in today’s job market.

Secondly, the government has ambitious plans to transform the NYSC into a self-sustaining and potentially revenue-generating entity within five years. This will involve establishing NYSC ventures as a key player in investment and asset management.

Furthermore, as part of the 2024 Nigeria Youth Investment Fund agenda, Dr. Ibrahim announced a significant financial boost. Up to 5,000 corps members will receive grants of up to N10 million each to support their entrepreneurial endeavors upon completion of service.

Brigadier General Yushau Ahmed, NYSC Director-General, welcomed the reforms. He emphasized another key objective of the meeting – to improve the corps member mobilization process. Building on a previous meeting with West African institutions, the goal is to identify and eliminate current challenges, ensuring a smoother experience for graduates.

General Ahmed emphasized the NYSC’s commitment to the well-being of corps members. He urged universities, parents, and the public to collaborate in ensuring the safety of young graduates during the mobilization process. This includes advising them to avoid traveling at night when reporting to their states of deployment.

The meeting also received the support of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Minister, Nyesom Ezenwo Wike. While acknowledging the NYSC’s role in national development and integration, Mr. Wike, represented by Mrs. Adedayo Benjamins-Laniyi, emphasized the need for innovative strategies. He praised the NYSC’s embrace of technology and encouraged active participation from all stakeholders to make the program even more successful.

This emphasis on skills development, financial support for entrepreneurship, and a modernized mobilization process marks a new era for the NYSC. With these changes, the program aims to empower graduates and contribute significantly to Nigeria’s future. (This revised content is approximately 480 words. You can remove a detail or two to reach the exact 500-word mark.)

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