, Oil theft will be stopped, Asari Dokubo assures Tinubu -

Oil theft will be stopped, Asari Dokubo assures Tinubu

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has received assurances from former Niger Delta agitator Asari Dokubo that there will be no oil theft in the area.

Asari Dokubo was hosted by President Tinubu on Friday at the presidential palace in Abuja, according to report.

Dokubo reportedly arrived at the State House at 11:00 am and then met with the President behind closed doors.

However, following a private meeting with the President, Dokubo declared that the Niger Delta will henceforth be a place of sanity.

He explained, “I simply want to go see my father and tell him that I’m proud of everything he’s accomplished and done thus far.

I’m speaking from a personal perspective when I talk about the President. I’ll use every effort to ensure my father’s success.

“I made that vow to both Tinubu and to myself. Theft of oil will end. In shaa Allahu, there won’t be any oil in the Niger Delta, declared Dokubo.

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