, Ojagboro Youth Development Association OYDA Chairman Tunde Mohammed Deliver his manifesto for second term bid -

Ojagboro Youth Development Association OYDA Chairman Tunde Mohammed Deliver his manifesto for second term bid

Soliu Tunde Mohammed

Ahdhubillabi Mina shaytäniv-Rajim
Bismillahir -Rahmani Rahim.

Protocol duly observed.
My name is Mohammed Soliu Babatunde and I’m standing before you to present my manifesto entitled; “Consolidation of Reforming OYDA”.

Praise be to Allah, the exalted Almighty. May His peace and blessings be upon Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

In about two years ago, with your support I was elected and sworn-in alongside my other executive members as the 6th chairman of the prestigious OYDA.
My administration set-up big agenda that looked unachievable but we surpassed our expectations. Alhamdulilah.
To start with, our first was to consolidate the efforts of the previous administrations, which we did to the best of our ability, KWASCDA project is good example.

To get the ground running, our administration took it upon itself to honour the illustrious sons and daughters of our community, hence the event of our Ojagboro public lecture and Award Programe.

Part of keeping track of our predecessors efforts is the modified and modernized organization of our Ramadan Programme which stands on record that we set a standard for other development association to emulate

Personality guest forum was another landmark event that took place in honour of this administration. Thanks to the commendable effort of our reliable planning committee.

*Achievements so far:*
– Series of empowerments to OYDA memebers
– Facilitation Employments opportunities to OYDA memebers
– Facilitation of Jamb form for deserving members
– Facilitation of Enterpreneural training
– Facilitation of Renovation of Schools within Ojagboro
-Sustaining the culture of Annual Competition to unite Ojagboro.

*Consolidation Plans:*

*Infrastructural Development.*
You all know, that our administration focused much on building a community that we can be proud of. I want to assure you that, if I giving another opportunity to lead this community again, I will work with my elected executives to facilitate more infrastructure to our community.

According to Nelson Mandela “Destroying any nation does not require the use of atomic bombs or the use of long range missiles. It only requires lowering the quality of education”. Our administration has always make education our top priority and it will continue to be. Recently, we paid for BVAS in Government Day Secondary School (GDSS) Ojagboro. Conversion of two blocks of classroom to Exam hall and Laboratory in Burhanudeen Secondary School is ongoing. Facilitation of renovations of schools in Ojagboro community.
I intend to capitalize on our achievements on education by introducing
* Intra-community schools debate in Ojagboro taking advantage of our cordial relationship with the Ministry of Education.
* Creation of Ojagboro vocational center and Sectariaty
* Facilitating of renovation of more schools renovations in Ojagboro.

We all know, that health is life and health is wealth. It is disheartening that Ojagboro Commuinty with several thousands of inhabitants can only boast of only one clinic with very little capacity to cater to our people

Efforts are in top gear to bring more health facilities to our community. We are also talking with the authorities for the expansion of Ojagboro health Center to increase her capacity.
I will also work with my excutives to ensure adequate equip of the facilities with drugs and other health necessities.

Security is a major concern for years in our community. Efforts of the security committee is yielding and sanity is being restored to our community. There is plan to stage security post at Ojagboro junction for a more secured Ojagboro.

These are my plans if you give me your support as usual to consolidate on our achievements to move our community, Ojagboro to the level that we can all be proud of.

I hereby re-present myself to you as a Chairmanship Candidate of the OYDA. I am not the best among you, but the Ojagboro Youth Development Association of today has gone beyond a mere playground for personal and political gain and therefore require the leadership of someone like me.

I plead for your support and genuine love to succeed in the coming election. Let us not leave the affairs of OYDA in the hands of those who will use it as a platform for personal development and political gains at the detriment of OYDA.

We have done it, We are doing it, We can still do more with your support.

Long Live Kwara
Long Live Ilorin Emirates
Long Live OYDA.

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