, Op-Ed: Open Letter to Hon. Yinka Aluko by Oluwatoyin Luqman Bolakale -

Op-Ed: Open Letter to Hon. Yinka Aluko by Oluwatoyin Luqman Bolakale

Dear Hon. Aluko,

I trust this letter finds you in good health and attentive to the concerns of your constituents. As a member of Ilorin East/South constituency, I feel compelled to address some troubling issues regarding your representation.

Firstly, I must express my disappointment with your recent letter to Funsho Hadnan. While i congratulated you on your emergence as our federal representative, the reality on the ground does not reflect the rosy picture you paint. By the way, it is time to move beyond congratulatory rhetoric and focus on delivering real benefits to the people.

You mentioned bills you claimed to have sponsored, including the establishment of the Federal Medical Center in Fufu and the Federal College of Education in Oke-Oyi. However, these bills were actually initiated by the former representative of our constituency, Hon. Olododo Cook AbdulGaniyu and Former Kwara Central Senator Sen Yahaya Ibrahim Oloriegbe (Federal College of Agriculture Oke-Oyi). It is disingenuous to take credit for initiatives you did not spearhead but if there is any bill on Federal College of Education Oke-Oyi, it’s a public document, provide us, or if you in anyway re-introduced the Federal Medical Center Fufu bill.

Furthermore, your lack of proactive measures in addressing the pressing needs of our constituency is evident. While other representatives from Kwara State are actively engaging with and delivering tangible results to their constituents, your performance falls short of expectations.

The delay in receiving federal government palliatives is a clear indication of your inability to prioritize the welfare of the people. If you cannot expedite the distribution of basic relief items, how can we trust you to address more complex issues facing our community?

Transparency and accountability are sorely lacking in your representation. I challenge you to publish a comprehensive list of beneficiaries of NECO, WAEC, and JAMB fee subsidies with verifiable evidence. The people deserve to know where their resources are being allocated.

Security challenges continue to plague our constituency, yet your efforts in providing viable solutions remain elusive. It is time to step up and take decisive actions to ensure the safety and well-being of our community.

In conclusion, I urge you to reevaluate your priorities and focus on delivering tangible benefits to the people who entrusted you with their mandate. Empty promises and self-aggrandizement will not suffice. We expect action, accountability, and genuine representation from our elected officials.

Yours sincerely,

Oluwatoyin Luqman Bolakale, An Online Media Practitioner,
Concerned Member of Ilorin East/South Constituency from Oke-Ogun Ward.

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