, Peru judge extends ex-President Castillo’s jail time by 18 months -

Peru judge extends ex-President Castillo’s jail time by 18 months

As the government presents its case against former president Pedro Castillo on charges of “rebellion” and “conspiracy,” a judge in Peru has granted a request to extend his imprisonment for 18 months. This decision is anticipated to exacerbate the political unrest and demonstrations that have erupted in the South American nation since Castillo’s impeachment and detention last week.

The disgraced leader’s release from prison, new elections, and the ouster of his replacement, former Vice President Dina Boluarte, have all been sought by protesters.

On Wednesday, Boluarte’s administration announced a statewide state of emergency, limiting the right to free speech and the right to assemble in an effort to put an end to the turmoil, which has so far claimed the lives of at least eight people.

Castillo, who was initially imprisoned for seven days, will remain behind bars as prosecutors continue their investigation into the criminal allegations brought against him, the Supreme Court’s judicial panel decided on Thursday.

The verdict did not address the validity of Castillo’s charges, but the judge in charge of the panel mentioned the former president’s potential for flight.

Castillo disputes the allegations and claims he is being “unjustly and unfairly imprisoned” in a police station close to Lima, the country’s capital.

He urged his supporters to visit the prison earlier this week to demand his release and asked the Inter-American Court of Human Rights to speak out on his behalf.

Already enough! The indignation, abuse, and treatment persist. 18 months of pretrial detention are another restriction on my freedom today, Castillo remarked in a tweet.

I blame judges and prosecutors for what occurs in the nation.

Last Wednesday, just hours after the left-wing leader declared plans to “temporarily” dissolve the legislature and rule by decree, Castillo was impeached by the opposition-controlled Congress of Peru.

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