, Ramadan: Gadaff urges Muslims to pray for Nigeria's unity -

Ramadan: Gadaff urges Muslims to pray for Nigeria’s unity

As Muslims in Nigeria, Kwara state and all over the world start the obligatory Ramadan fasting, The Special Assistant, Youth Empowerment to the kwara state Governor, Hon. Sulaimon Lekan Gadaff has called on Mumeen to use the fasting period to pray for the unity of the country.

According to a press statement personally signed by the Honorable, the Ramadan period is about recompense, piety and separation from sin; we must therefore be ready to offer sacrifice of prayer and worship to Almighty Allah who has made Ramadan a blessing for us.

He said the holy month of Ramadan provides every Muslim a unique opportunity to reflect on their past with a view to seeking forgiveness from Allah (SWT).

Gadaff admonishes Muslims to manifest the spirit of love, oneness, charity, reflection, obedience and other tenets of Islam during and after the period of Ramadan fasting.

“The 30 days of fasting”, he said, “should be dedicated to moving closer to Almighty Allah.

“We all have a responsibility by praying for the progress of our dear nation and state of living”

“As a Muslim, I believe so much in prayers, especially the ones offered during Ramadan because this is a period of purification, when a Muslim is expected to, more than before, show piety in all areas of life.

“So, any prayer offered at such period is always acceptable as the Almighty Allah is merciful and benevolent.”

While wishing all Nigerian Muslims a fruitful Ramadan, Atiku appealed to them to imbibe honesty, love and peace during the period and beyond.

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