, Reports of HIV spike in Abuja false, says NACA -

Reports of HIV spike in Abuja false, says NACA

On Sunday, the National Agency for the Control of AIDS refuted a report made on Twitter claiming a recent Red Cross outreach revealed an increase in HIV cases in Abuja.

Last Monday, a doctor using the Twitter handle #Firstdoctors tweeted that the Red Cross had purportedly tested 197 people in Abuja, and that 119 of those tests had come back positive, with 60% of the subjects being men.

In response to his Tweet, NACA contacted the doctor and requested him to clarify the date and location of the outreach. The doctor removed his tweet because it appeared that he did not know the answers to the queries. The information, according to a statement issued by NACA today, July 30, is untrue. The organization further stated that the false statement had been reported to the relevant authorities who deal with false information in order to receive the proper response.

“Statement on high HIV prevalence rates in Abuja: After investigation and outreach to The Nigerian Red Cross Society (#nrcs_ng), CSOs, CBOs, and other Implementing Partners IPs operating in Abuja, we confirm the statement is completely FALSE,” said the statement. #SafeSex #HIVPrevention.

The assertion that 199 out of 197 people in Abuja tested positive is untrue because no outreach was done there. According to correct data, Nigeria’s prevalence rate for HIV is 1.3%, whereas Abuja’s prevalence rate is still 1.3%.

Furthermore, it is crucial to make clear that no outreach in Nigeria could produce a 60% positive response rate. It is impossible for any nation, including Nigeria, to have such a high prevalence rate. The incorrect information has been reported to the proper authorities who deal with false information so that necessary action can be taken.

The National Agency for the Control of AIDS is committed to encouraging healthy sexual behavior, including condom usage that is appropriate and abstinence as means of preventing the spread of HIV and other STDs.

However, we vehemently reject the use of fabricated statistics to support this important message. Disseminating accurate information is crucial for preventing HIV/AIDS and promoting public health.

“To prevent HIV and other illnesses, we implore all Nigerians to continuously engage in safe sex and to remain faithful to their partners. Keep in mind that each of us is accountable for their own health and riches.

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