, Senator Mustapha raises concern over Nigeria's surging inflation -

Senator Mustapha raises concern over Nigeria’s surging inflation

Senator Saliu Mustapha, representing Kwara Central, raised alarm over Nigeria’s rising inflation during a joint agricultural committee meeting.

He emphasized that food security is critical to the nation’s survival.

National Bureau of Statistics data reveals inflation hitting a troubling 31.7%, with food prices skyrocketing to a staggering 37.92% year-on-year. Senator Mustapha stressed the urgency for the committee to oversee government efforts in tackling food insecurity and ensuring food affordability.

Highlighting the vital role of rural farmers, Mustapha called for stronger support systems to meet their needs. He also pushed for transparency in emergency food declarations and grain distribution policies. The committee, he affirmed, will hold government officials accountable for effective policy execution.

Despite government interventions to boost agriculture and ease the impact of subsidy removal, Senator Mustapha expressed concern about persistent hunger.

He urged a collaborative approach to address the root causes of food insecurity and alleviate the burden on Nigerians struggling with high living costs.

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