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Senegal in Crisis: Internet Shutdown Follows Election Postponement, Protests

Senegal has plunged into uncertainty following the government’s decision to postpone the presidential election indefinitely, triggering a wave of protests and a complete internet shutdown.

The postponement, announced just weeks before the February 25th polling date, sparked widespread anger and frustration among citizens. Violent demonstrations erupted across the country, prompting authorities to cut off internet access nationwide on Sunday.

Minister of Communication Moussa Bocar Thiam justified the shutdown as a necessary measure to curb the spread of “hateful and subversive messages” on social media, which they claimed threatened public order.

However, this move has drawn swift criticism from international organizations like the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) and the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS). Both groups have urged the Senegalese government to immediately restore internet access and prioritize transparency and dialogue in resolving the crisis.

Meanwhile, the indefinite postponement of the election leaves Senegal’s political future hanging in the balance. ECOWAS has called for the swift selection of a new election date, but concerns linger over the legitimacy and fairness of the electoral process under these tumultuous circumstances.

The internet shutdown further intensifies the information blackout and fuels anxieties among citizens. With limited communication channels, the potential for misinformation and manipulation grows, further jeopardizing the nation’s stability.

The coming days will be crucial for Senegal as it navigates this volatile situation. Restoring internet access, engaging in open dialogue, and setting a clear path towards a credible election are essential steps to rebuild trust and ensure a peaceful transition of power.

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