, STUDENTPRENEUR: Balancing business with education by Abdullahi Hafsoh Togun -

STUDENTPRENEUR: Balancing business with education by Abdullahi Hafsoh Togun

Business is one of the vital activities that most students engage in these days, earning money from selling things is their priority and it is the Job they guarantee themselves during their stays in campus and after graduating.

Many students engage in selling alot of things inside campuses and school hostels such as Jewelries, recharge cards, beverages, sanitary pads and alot more. Infact a student was seen turned her hostel room to a mini supermarket and sells varieties of things that students needs for easy access, But how do they balance this with their education?

One of the student entrepreneur was interviewed, how do you balance business with your education?, “My business does not have any negative effect on my education, I do attends lectures, I always do my assignment and I focus on my business as well ” she replied. “And alot of people do categories us that do businesses in school as an unserious students but life doesn’t goes that way, you go after what you are looking for, and you do what you think is best for you, and also am doing it to release financial burdens from my parents ” she added.

moreover, many parents are not in support of their child engaging in business at school, to them it is a big distraction and a starting up of loosing focus on education. And on the other hand some parents encourage their children to partake in doing businesses in school and mostly to be independent on them.

All in all, we are in a country where your security is not guaranteed, nor your well being, not to talk of Job after graduating. now alot of students believe that getting Job after graduating in Nigeria is by connection or by luck and not even the course you studied or the grade you graduated with can guarantee your occupation.

Now majority of students takes businesses as priority, education now becomes plan B and a side hustle, to them they have folded their clothes well and ready for any circumstances that might Come after being a graduate.

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