, TECNO Awarded as 2022-2023 Global Top Brands at CES -

TECNO Awarded as 2022-2023 Global Top Brands at CES

The 2022-2023 Global Top Brands were unveiled during the annual Consumer Electronic Show 2023: CES 2023 as was widely anticipated, and TECNO was recognized as one of the “2022-2023 GLOBAL SMART PHONE BRANDS TOP 10”. With operations in over 70 markets and a strategy that has been steadily accelerating since 2013, TECNO has established itself as a cutting-edge global brand. This award is yet another concrete demonstration of its ability to compete with industry titans.

The annual Global Top Brands Award, sponsored by TWICE and International Data Corporation (IDC), hosted by Asia Digital Group and European Digital Group, is intended to recognize international consumer electronics brands for their cutting-edge innovations for global consumers and to advance the growth of the entire industry.

The achievements that TECNO has made this year have astonished us, said Dongfang Zhu, president of Asia Digital Group.

“TECNO has established a long-standing reputation on international markets and is committed to technological advancements for emerging markets worldwide. Unbelievably, TECNO continues to innovate at the forefront and genuinely epitomizes the qualities we want in a leading consumer electronics company.”

TECNO is a cutting-edge technology company with activities spanning more than 70 nations and five continents. Since its debut, TECNO has worked tirelessly to achieve the ideal fusion of cutting-edge technologies and current, aesthetically pleasing design, changing the digital experience in developing international markets. By providing cutting-edge innovation through a variety of smartphones, smart wearables, laptops, tablets, HiOS operating systems, and smart home devices, TECNO has evolved into a recognized leader in its target areas. TECNO is dedicated to enabling the best and most cutting-edge technology for people who have an eye toward the future.

TECNO encourages customers all across the world to never give up on pursuing their best selves and their best futures by developing fashionable, intelligent products.

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