, Tricycle rider is killed by a truck driver, and rice is stolen by hoodlums -

Tricycle rider is killed by a truck driver, and rice is stolen by hoodlums

Following the murder of a tricycle rider by a truck driver in Akwa Ibom State’s Itu Local Government Area, there was unrest at Itam Market.

based on market sources According to our communication, the problem began when the Hausa truck driver tried to find a parking spot so he could easily unload his sacks of rice but was impeded by the tricycle driver and tables used by vendors to showcase their goods, causing a traffic jam.

According to reports, the driver of the truck got out of his vehicle during the commotion and attacked the trike rider with a machete, killing him as a result of excessive blood loss.

Mr. Akan Bassey, an eyewitness, reported that the incident took place around 7 p.m. on Sunday and lasted for about an hour before police officers arrived to calm things down.
He explained, “The failure of the tricycle driver and business owners to clear their goods off the road so that the truck could be properly parked for the rice to be offloaded made the truck driver irate. He encountered fierce resistance as he got off the truck to clear the route, so the only thing he could do was pull a machete out and slash the trike man in the skull.

As the driver fled the area, hoodlums allegedly took advantage of the situation to steal the rice and set the truck on fire.

On Tuesday, our correspondent learned that the market had reopened and been taken over by employees from the nearby Itam Police Station. The market had been closed due to the incident.

Alhaji Alhassan Sadauki, the state’s Hausa/Fulani leader, asked to law enforcement to intervene quickly to prevent the problem from escalating into an ethnic conflict while also pleading for peace.

Odiko Macdon, the state police public relations officer, stated that the event will be looked into.

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