, Unity In Diversity: Power Rotation And Quest For Real Democracy In Kwara State By Ibrahim Adamu -

Unity In Diversity: Power Rotation And Quest For Real Democracy In Kwara State By Ibrahim Adamu

In a dynamic political landscape of Kwara State, a critical examination of the historical trend reveals there has been a significant deviation from the democratic principles of equitable power rotation.

Since 1999, the absence of a governor from Kwara North has raised concerns about the representation and development of this historically marginalized region.

To address this, it’s become imperative for to us strategically plan for and rally behind a gubernatorial candidate from Kwara North, ensuring our full support to rectify this historical imbalance.

As politicians and responsible citizens, it is paramount to engage in early and forward-thinking planning, even at this stage. While it may seem premature, the groundwork for the selection of a candidate demands meticulous consideration of potential contenders, their credentials, and their dedication to Kwara State’s development.

This planning process sets the stage for a transparent and well-informed decision-making process, aligning with the principles of fairness and inclusivity.

The historical trajectory of gubernatorial leadership, predominantly from Kwara Central, prompts a call for a strategic shift in power rotation.

Choosing a candidate from Kwara North is not only a corrective measure; but a proactive move to fortify the All Progressives Congress (APC) and exemplify a commitment to inclusive governance.

This approach aligns with democratic principles of fairness, inclusivity, and responsiveness to the diverse needs of the population.

The significance of this proposal extends beyond party politics; it is a pivotal step towards fostering unity, integration, and socioeconomic development across all regions of Kwara State.

By engaging in early planning, politicians and citizens alike contribute to a democratic candidate selection process that ensures a representative and visionary leader emerges from Kwara North.

This proactive stance positions us strategically to identify and support a candidate who embodies the values of democracy, serving the collective interests of our diverse communities.

In navigating the political landscape, let this early planning serve as a testament to our commitment to the principles of fairness, inclusivity, and democracy.

By rallying behind a candidate from Kwara North, we not only rectify historical imbalances but also set a positive precedent for socioeconomic and political development in our beloved state.

Respectfully drawing attention to the sentiments expressed in the opinion, it is hoped that our esteemed President, President Bola Ahmad Tinubu, the National Chairman of the Party, the Governor of Kwara State, the State Party Chairman, and all stakeholders within our cherished party, APC, will carefully consider the matter and work collectively towards finding a dynamic solution.

May God bless Nigeria, bless the APC, and bless Kwara State.

Ibrahim ADAMU
The prominent youth member of APC and Chairman Advocate For Kwara North Governance (AKNG)

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