, Yuletide: Buhari encourages Nigerians to rejoice and put aside their disagreements -

Yuletide: Buhari encourages Nigerians to rejoice and put aside their disagreements

As Christians today join the rest of the world in celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, President Muhammadu Buhari has urged Nigerians to reach out in friendship to those who would like to take part in the festivities but are hampered in some manner.

In his Christmas message to Nigerians, the President said, “Christmas is a time when we gather together to enjoy and put aside our differences, regardless of the situation we find ourselves in.

The holiday this year is special for my family and me. This is my final term as the president you chose. In 22 weeks, this administration will end and be replaced.

Except for the year the COVID-19 epidemic prevented us from doing so, I have had the honor of hosting members of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) community on Christmas Day during the past seven years. They were my kind neighbors and generous landlords, and I will remember them with affection.

The symbiotic relationship between Christmas and hope, Jesus Christ and humility, Christianity and grace, he continued, must always be kept in mind. In this time of love, joy, and peace, he urged the partygoers to remember and reach out to those who truly wanted to celebrate but were unable to do so. Together, he said, “we can make this celebration a spectacular one by renewing our pledge and common resolve to work for the unity and prosperity of our dear country.

“Until my last day in office, I will continue to provide political and material assistance to subnational governments, the Armed Forces, institutions, and individuals working entirely for the peace, unity, stability, and progress of Nigeria,” Buhari pledged.

The president said, “We need to build on the progress we have made thus far on the economic front, especially in infrastructure; food security; anti-corruption; security; and energy sufficiency, among others.

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